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Monday, November 9, 2009

a greyhound's love

I want to want a relationship with Jesus
Like my greyhound eats everything in sight or smell range!

There’s not a plate he passes by
Not a cup that goes unnoticed
That doesn’t get the once over…
Is this something he wants?
Can he eat it?
Can he take it away from here?
Back to his bed to quickly ingest it,
Before anyone notices its gone
To want it so badly,
That his mouth waters,
He inhales every morsel,
And sniffs around for more.

If I could not pass up one single opportunity
To let Jesus do his work in me
To let Christ become my life-long friend
To let others experience and find Him through me
To use all my senses to get closer to Him,
To take Him wherever I go,
To show Him off, everywhere I must be,
To mull Him over, all day long,
I would fulfill my purpose,
To love Him and to love others through Him.

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jezca said...

this is so true.