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Monday, February 25, 2008

Snow Day 1

Sheesh - well here we are in Utah for our annual snowboarding trip. This is the fourth year for Lauren and I and only the 2nd for us and Jason. :) We've been to Pennsylvania, Montana, Canada (Banff) and now Utah (just south-east of Salt Lake City) - and it's great! :) We arrived on Saturday - and got all our stuff together to board yesterday. Went out to Solitude and did about 3 runs, stopped for lunch and then did one more run. Intended to do more, but on the last lift ride, there was thunder and lightning on the mountain - weird, right? so they shut the lift down. It took us about 2 hours? to get back to town... 12 miles down the mountain in very slow moving traffic, which was fine with me - in the snow storm. Talk about nerve wracking! Ok, so NOW I've driven in snow - and on a down grade... my hands hurt from clutching the wheel. I only did only little slide and that was just as I exited the resort. I went too far across the road (turned left) and put my right tires in a rut... the slide happened as I gunned it a little to get out of the rut. All I can say is thank goodness for 4wd and traction control! ;) It was a little scary - but we made it and I will feel a tiny bit more comfortable doing it again. Which is good, because there's supposed to be big snow today and should be an awesome day tomorrow for boarding! Yay! Oh yeah - and the altitude is something to get used to... saps the energy right out of us!

As for other stuff - I'm not missing work today... ;) except that I left in the middle of a cool, investigative project... hopefully I'll be able to do more on it next week.

Anyway - until tomorrow...