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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feeling low? Broken?

 So was I. All day, actually, until I said as much to my Jesus-loving friend, who simply asked if I’d spent any quality time with Jesus today. You know my answer was a sheepish, “no” quickly followed by an excuse. “So… go do it!” Best advice…EVER. How could it not be? Feeling badly about who I am; what I can contribute, how what I do contribute gets trampled on or bastardized? Turn to the only one who knows me inside & out – who MADE me the way I am – who I’ve supposedly surrendered my life to? Huh, wha…?? Yeah. Picked up my purse and asked Jesus if He’d have lunch with me. He said, “Yes”. Just like when He said “Yes” to leaving his Father and Heaven to come to earth to show us who He is and who He wants us to be. Just like when He said, “Yes” to the woman at the well. “Yes, I love you. Yes, you are worthy. Yes, I made you.” Just like when He said “Yes” to the prodigal son (‘cause you know the dad is God, and the son is us, right?). “Yes! Welcome home, son! Let’s throw a party!” Just like when He said “Yes” to the cross, which was about him enduring the pain of separation from God, his Father, so that we would never have to endure that pain if we accept the gift of His sacrifice. Just like when He said, “Yes, I’m getting a place ready for you, and I’m coming back for you.”

So, Jesus loved on me from the moment that I asked for time with Him. Got into the car, turned on the radio, perfect worship leader that He is, He gave me two songs that spoke to the inexplicable emptiness and sadness I was feeling. And right after, He turned my attention to worship of Himself and God my Father. While I drove, I cried, sang and was utterly amazed that Jesus came and met me right where I was. That phrase sounds so trite and overused, but oh my word, He did. All I had to do was ask.

He is indeed the air that I need to breathe; the water I thirst for. Jesus, I never want to spend another day without spending time with You.