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Monday, November 9, 2009

Christianity & Jury Duty - Polar Opposites?

Geez, never really considered this before, but I received a Jury Summons several weeks ago, and I reported today to the court. Got called for two different panels, got picked for the stickier, ickier case (can't tell you about it, I'd havta, well you know...).

On my way out the door, (not 15 minutes after finding out that I'm sitting in on this trial tomorrow), I'm thinking, Ok Jesus... what is it that you want me to do here? What can I say? Who can I show you off to? Where might a door open? Will I be ready? Please, dear Jesus, make me ready, with the right things to say and do.

Then I get home and wonder... sorry...knowing the case I have to hear... Jesus, how can I sit in judgement of this person? Is this my place? The State of Florida says it is... heck, even the Federal government says it is. However, I am a Christian first, and an American second (if those are the only two things that we're considering here). So, not to be legalistic (ha ha... that would be turning God's 'rules' on our government's rules), but does a Christian have an inherent issue with serving as a juror?

So, being the 'input-girl'... I googled... and found some pretty stringent sites that quote scripture... "they" say that it isn't a Christian's place to judge (Judge not, that you be not judged). I know that we're to be like Jesus... Didn't He call out the wrong when it was presented? Not to condemn, but to highlight so that the person could right his/her wrong? Is that the issue? We don't have a way for the 'criminals' to right their wrongs?

Things that make me go... hmmmmm....

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