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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Really?!? Did I really think it was all for ME?

Wow. The Experience Conference this past week @ Disney (Coronado Springs Resort) was AMAZING! I got dumped out, filled up to overflowing! Woohoo!! Jesus!!! Thank you!!! Yes!

And at the first request for a little outpouring of what I so overwhelmingly received this week, I found myself begrudging the request and the requester. wow. What an obvious and extremely embarrassing example of me believing that its all for my consumption.

Jesus, I know that You gave me this week; spoke to me, comforted me, encouraged me, corrected and refined me, gave me new friendships and connections ALL so that I could pour these same things out to others. Lord Jesus, help me not to be a consumer, but just the middle man... er, woman. ;) I love you Lord Jesus. Thank you for giving me the 'ahem' and 'the look' and for making sure I heard it.

You are my loving King.

Take it all...


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Changes

Just have to share! I cannot sleep!!! Lauren, our 12 yr old, accepted Jesus as her Savior tonight!!! I am so ecstatic!!! :)

        We were on our way home from LiveWire (youth grp) tonight and she was reading over the EQUIP reg. form (weekend retreat for youth grp) and came to the question worded something like "if you died tonight, where would you go and why?" Well, she answered it exactly right, but added a caveat that she hadn't personally prayed to accept Jesus yet. When I asked her if she'd like to, she began to cry and said, 'that's a dumb question, mom!!' ;)

        Long story short, we went through the whole 'salvation story' to make sure she understood it all and then came to 'praying the prayer'. Well, praying out loud is not big on her list... in fact she's only done it once (another story)...and she began to melt down over it. I remembered that my friend Charlie (yes, the one responsible for us being at RiseCC ( (for my WPB friends!)), had lent me his Rick Warren CD, The Invitation. I hadn't even listened to it yet, but figured it MUST have a sample prayer for accepting Christ...WOW, did it ever! I popped it in - went right to the prayer track and Lauren instantly bowed her head and whisper-repeated the prayer after Rick and took Jesus as her Lord & King. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! By the time she & Rick were done, we were both in tears.

        I can hardly believe the changes that God has made in my life, much less in my family. Jason is walking with Jesus, begging for more, more, more...and now Lauren's His child too. Un...well, I was going to say unbelievable...but its VERY believable, just hard to comprehend that its all happened in so short a time. God is faithful to His promises. We are walking with God as a family and it FEELS GREAT!

        Thank you all for what you mean to me (whether YEARS ago or just in the last 5 weeks!) and to my family! Each of you are truly women and men of God and we are blessed and count it a privilege to know you.