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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Really?!? Did I really think it was all for ME?

Wow. The Experience Conference this past week @ Disney (Coronado Springs Resort) was AMAZING! I got dumped out, filled up to overflowing! Woohoo!! Jesus!!! Thank you!!! Yes!

And at the first request for a little outpouring of what I so overwhelmingly received this week, I found myself begrudging the request and the requester. wow. What an obvious and extremely embarrassing example of me believing that its all for my consumption.

Jesus, I know that You gave me this week; spoke to me, comforted me, encouraged me, corrected and refined me, gave me new friendships and connections ALL so that I could pour these same things out to others. Lord Jesus, help me not to be a consumer, but just the middle man... er, woman. ;) I love you Lord Jesus. Thank you for giving me the 'ahem' and 'the look' and for making sure I heard it.

You are my loving King.

Take it all...


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