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Monday, April 22, 2013

This is me... at work.

So, I've started a new job; I'm an employee of HD Supply now. :-) And with a new job, I usually get an empty desk, aka, a blank slate to decorate, organize... To add little reflections of me and my personality. :-D

I love this part...  :-) a chance to add little things that mean TONS to me but may not seem like much to others. And then also to add things that will just open doors to conversations with all of these new people I'm meeting and getting to know.

So, representin' me... (see picture at bottom of post). We've got my new key chain, with scripture to memorize as our small group and I go through the "What On Earth Am I Here For?" series with Rise Community Church... Then my Phillies (Woohoo, Go Phightin' Phils!)... And then Russian nesting dolls from my lovely, sweet daughter, Lauren. The dolls are fun to just put together, take apart, put together... Particularly while thinking... And this isn't to say that I don't have a photo of Lauren on my desk; I do, just not one from this year. Anyway that's a longer story, so.... Back to the desk stuff.

The little glass thingy is a paperweight (talk about something being so out of date), from my Dad's desk, from back in his days working at NASA/Cape Canaveral. Love remembering my dad... He loved Jesus and he was an awesome loving father to me and my sisters and husband to my Mom. And I recall that my sisters and I would use this paperweight on our desks at home when we were "playing office". :-)

The next item is a very recent addition...  It was a gift from a coworker at my last job. Besides the great message on it, and the beauty of a bird with a heart-design right in the middle, it reminds me of all of the wonderful relationships I’ve had the privilege of having. It reminds me that I’ve moved on to the next spot in my work life, in order to build more relationships, to do the best job that I can for the new company and to look back and be thankful for what’s been given to me in terms of friendships, experiences and life-impacting moments. It reminds me of the dove that came down from Heaven when Jesus was being baptized by John – when God, our Father, said, ‘This is my son, in whom I am well pleased’. It reminds me to keep Jesus first – to follow Him, instead of trying to lead myself and everyone around me.

Lastly, one of the sillier things about me; many different colors of markers and pens and erasers and all sorts of office-type items are indicative of my undying love of office supplies and stationery. Call me weird, but I’d be willing to bet there’s something that make you go: “ooh, cool!” I don’t know, but I can spend a solid couple of hours in an office supply store (um – so can my daughter! School supply shopping is almost as big as school-dance dress shopping!).  All those years playing office as a kid must’ve done something to me. ;)

Anyway, that’s a peek into the person and personality that God made out of me.