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Friday, August 15, 2014

Lauren's Senior Year - end of the first week

So I didn't get to post every day but am at least going to tell you in this post about stuff that happened... Not a lot happened. She went to school, drove most days, came home for an hour,  went back for volleyball practice.

We had the volleyball parents meeting on Wednesday night... Not really sure about this coach, but are hoping that things go well and that Lauren gets good advice, coaching and playing time. We love watching her play!

She's not able to wear running shorts to school this year (new coach, new rules, plus they really aren't dress code but she has been able to pull it off. I think most teachers recognize her height and realize that they don't make shorts long enough to fit their "fingertips" rule for her. Oh well, she's wearing jeans and trying to figure out Iowa to wear yoga pants (needs longer tshirts).

She's working as an assistant for one of her classes (supposed to be with kids with disabilities). Doug Peters (the teacher) kept her for his office (athletics). She set up his wireless keyboard the first day and rearranged the peripherals to better suit his needs... She's a tech-savvy-kid!

She is doing well in AP Stats. Hoping that continues.

First football game is next Friday... She and Becca will be in the stands of course!
Until then...

Monday, August 11, 2014

Her First Day as HS Senior

So. It's here, Lauren's first day of the last year of high school. Yeah of high school, not of the rest of her life. I'm going to try and write a little something every day this year... 1. To see if I can do it and 2. To give Lauren something at graduation or after that she can look back on and remember that the the things that seemed awful either really weren't or they didn't last long and that all the good that happened are memories to last a lifetime. So, here goes...

Day 1 - She slapped a LMHS sticker in the front window of Jason's Saturn last night and took off this morning. I didn't quite get done what I wanted to for her first day... I have cinnamon rolls still in the fridge... They'll definitely keep until tomorrow morning. She actually may need them more tomorrow than today anyway. I did put chicken and rice in the oven for dinner tonight...  On a delay timer. Hoping that works! And no pictures this morning. 😕 Sort of a bummer for me, but it's more a tradition that a need, so, I went with her request this time. I didn't last year and got a cruddy (but funny and infamous) pic of her hand in front of her face.

Jason and I are riding together this morning. Here's Jason's thoughts... She has the car, she made it to school on time... Increased responsibility... Doing good so far. He was actually pretty sentimental last Friday...

His text to me:
I was just thinking, on another note, how cool its gonna be watching Lo run in, warm up and play varsity level. :-D
I remember dropping her off from half way through 5th to 8th grades...

Softie. 😆 And I love that about him.

Praying for Lauren today... Praying that she's right where God wants her to be: all the right places at just the right time and that He'll give her all the right thoughts and words.