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Monday, November 9, 2009

corrected vision

Father God,
Thank you for the image you gave me this morning
To correct my previous thought and assumption
I thought I had four people that were directing me
As I was walking through life
Lynda who prayed with me at every opportunity
I wonder now if you didn’t protect me from my own clumsiness
Just so that I’d go see Lynda the chiropractor
To have another chance to come back to you
Through the Christ-love she eloquently portrayed and shared with me
I thought that my work life spent with Cathi and seeing her growth
Away from complete independence and self-reliance
And toward you and what you wanted for her
Was just another ‘highlight’ of your work,
Like a billboard on the side of the highway I was traveling.
And then after the turmoil and upset of divorce
Where I could have come back to you SO easily
And yet didn’t; I found things to fill the void for a while.
And then, I found a godly man to spend the rest of my days with
Without even checking… you were obviously inside that choice
Even if it was just the hidden and subconscious part of me
That found the undercover godliness in him
My covert need and want, that found fulfillment from a privately held source
Like two lovers meeting in secret, undercover of night
Waiting for the right time to come into the light
Which led to our marriage… which led me to an exercise class
Where another of your obedient children was waiting for me
Kim, who, also took opportunities to share your strength,
Your love, your light, with me.
I loved being cared about so much;
I was starting to think that there’s some kind of coincidence
To continue to “run into” such godly, humble people
But I still didn’t listen closely enough.
And finally to Charlie, your unashamed, faithful servant,
His life, the intriguing antithesis to mine…
While I was “with” You, he wasn’t.
And while he’s been with You, I slipped away.
He took every chance, every opening You gave,
To remind me of my spiritual heritage
Not only from my earthly father, but through
You, my heavenly Father too.
I summed it all up in my head
Wow! Four people You put in my path
Wherever it was taking me
To point me back to you.


The picture you gave me this morning
Was not as I had initially perceived
Me, on a road, alone, traveling this way and that
Briefly following those that you put in my path
I thought, to point me in the right direction.
When you spoke to me this morning
In pictures and images flashing by
I was alone in a dark cave, shivering,
Huddled against the cold, wet waves of despair.
A group of four arrived, calling my name,
Flashlight beams illuminating the depths to which I’d sunk
Another followed after the four when they shouted,
“We’ve found her! Here she is!”
Then, it was if I was in the brightest, warmest sunshine ever.
God picked me up, brushed the hair away from my face,
Looked me straight in the heart, and said,
“Oh! Yes…it is YOU; you’re home; no, no…don’t cry, you’re safe and you’re home now.”
My dearest heavenly Father, thank you for equipping your children,
For search and rescue missions,
I had to be found
And I had to be rescued.

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