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Monday, November 9, 2009

a little of this; a little of that

i don't always finish
but i always start
you name it; i've done it
or thought about it
not much i wouldn't try
just for the experience
just for the thrill
if life can't thrill me
then why do it all?

not the best at anything
only the best at trying anything
from bowling leagues to motorcycles
spinning records to being a mom
one could say - i'm everywhere without
being anywhere
time for new
new hobby?
get the best money can buy
it's only money
i'll look like i'm the best
that i know what i'm doing
try real hard
maybe it comes easy, or hard
doesn't much matter; s'long as i'm doing new

new man?
get the one they say i can't
have him eatin outta my hand
beggin for more; for me
too beggy? turn 'em down
turn 'em out
do new

nothing new?
create new...
go back to school
get a new job
get a new hobby
get a new man
maybe, get a new line of thinking

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