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Saturday, August 6, 2011


So, it sounds kind of silly and funny, but I am feeling a little weird about having dumped off an icky part of my job to another person. I didnt want to keep that disgusting, time using part, but I kind of feel like its my kid. I got this process started and now I have to turn it over to a person that I don't think will attend to issues like I did.
Ok, so I did it. I did the transition. I told everything I know about all the different areas of support to the BA/PM and 2 developers. And its okay; really. A couple of things have come up since the transition (7/29) and its actually kind of nice to not have to worry over it. And when I say 'worry' I mean worry like 'worrying' as a verb on something. Have you ever heard someone refer to another person worrying a situation - like working your hands? It has a WHOLE lot to do with needing to control it. So, its not so much that I let go of all of the production support, I let go of the need to control it. That, is so much better. I can still get involved; still feel ok advising the new support folks as to what might be going awry or what might be best to check, but I don't have to 'worry' the issue - I don't own it, I don't control it. Ahhhh... feel the cool breeze on sun-burned skin while swinging in the hammock 'tween two palm trees on a secluded beach? Yeah... me too.

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